Alpaca Blog Post

Alpaca Blog Post

20th May 2015

Golf legends, the likes of Arnold and Ben swore by their Alpacas! Known for decades in golf circles, pure and natural alpaca is the fabric that meets the needs of golfers.

Alpaca golf wear is specially designed to keep you warm when the temperature is brisk, and keeps you in your zone when the day heats up. Experience the thermal properties, wicking, softness and durability that only alpaca possesses. You will be amazed that it has virtually no weight and will not impair swing or hamper your game! Some claim it even improves it.

If you are familiar, or have heard rumors of the golf sweaters made famous by Arnold Palmer, or the Lemmermayer Links Alpaca cardigan of days gone by; you will especially love our sweaters. If you wished you had had one, now you can. You will find comfort, flexibility and performance unlike any other.