About Alpaca Golf

About Alpaca Golf

When we began our mission to revive the alpaca golf sweaters that were made famous in the professional golf circuit in the 50's & 60s, our goal was to breathe new life into their design, offer an amazing fit with room to move, and make them available to the general population.

The road from conception to final product was challenging. It included testing dozens of samples and working closely with mills in Peru on patterns, finishing and trim elements - even buttons. We wanted the perfect fabric, the best drape, and most importantly, an amazing fit.

In the end, we created a 100% pure alpaca sweater that is soft, breathable and eliminates moisture with no absorption, letting the wearer remain at optimum temperature throughout their game. It doesn’t hold odor and is one of the strongest natural fibers on Earth. 

Now golf is attracting new ages and demographics. We have made new cardigans with their needs in mind, embracing our vintage and retro roots. Now todays modern golfer can make memories in their "alpacas" with our modern alpaca sweater streamlined styles.

We so enjoy hearing from golfers and enthusiasts who use, wear and love these sweaters. We never tire of hearing how much they loved the old style and how wonderful these are... some say better than ever. To those who share that sentiment, we thank you. 

Mission accomplished: “alpacas”, those much loved "floppy cardigans" are back and's line of Retro Pro Alpaca Golf pieces are now available worldwide, along with several other styles of sweaters and pullovers, modern and vintage, for the discerning man, not just golfers!

Alpaca Golf Sweaters is part of the Inca Fashions / Inca Brands family of companies.