Quality Alpaca

why use Alpaca for golf sweaters

Alpaca feels better because it is the lightest and strongest natural fiber
known, but that's not all of what makes it so special.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Available in many natural colors, these no dye colors are completely hypoallergenic. Alpaca does not contain any lanolin, which is the allergen found in other fibers - most commonly wool.

Moisture wicking keeps you dry all round long


No swing impair thanks to
weight distribution

Stay comfortable & warm with soft Alpaca fiber for early morning tee times

microscopic warmth

Alpaca wool creates pockets of microscopic space with the ability to hold air inside, heating via the animal's body warmth, or insulating against the heat of the sun.

a natural outer layer

Alpaca is the perfect coat for the course since it's a natural barrier to keep cold air from getting to the skin and in the heat of the day, keeping you comfortably cool.

Sweater Durability that lasts for decades

A properly cared for Alpaca sweater will last for decades
due to it's natural resilience to tearing or breaking.

What's your style?

our golf sweaters are made from 100% pure superfine alpaca. This gives
our sweaters strength & Flexibility that lasts round after round.


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