Mini Crew Alpaca Socks

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Mini Crew Alpaca Socks

Natural Moisture Wicking

Alpaca has natural wicking properties, which draws moisture to the outer surface of clothing enabling it to evaporate quickly. Alpaca does not adbsorb any moisture unlike cotton or wool.

Thermal Protection

Alpaca has natural thermal insulation properties. It will keep you warm during cool days and comfortable if the temperature rises - ideal thermal regulation to keep you comfortable.

Long-Lasting Quality

Made by hand from 100% pure alpaca wool, this material provides for maximum softness, flexibility, and strength. Giving you sweater durability that will last for years.

Care Instructions

Dry clean or hand wash cold with no agitation. Blot, lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. It may be steamed with low to medium heat. Store clean with cedar to protect.

Our Mini Crew Alpaca Socks feature a low-rise ankle which will help keep your golf score low & your spirits high.

With a terry-lined footbed, these soft socks reduce abrasion while maximizing breathability, keeping feet cool, while reducing bacteria and preventing blisters, so you can enjoy the greens.

  • 41Alpaca/34Acrylic/23Nylon/2Lycra(C)
  • Soft terry lining on footbed reduces abrasion.
  • Light synthetic fiber top further aids in cooling.
  • Keep feet healthy, dry, & blister-free.
  • Machine washable, cold - lay flat to dry.

Alpaca socks are unique in every aspect. These socks are made to be worn multiple times between washes without developing odor or becoming bacteria laden. Perfect to tuck in your golf bag for those fast getaways to the course. Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer, but should they get tumbled it will not destroy them. Do not use heat.